Rock-solid Metrics From Print Advertising

OASIS is Essentia's online reporting system for monitoring print advertising across your market. It provides subscribers with immediate, self-serve online access to an enormous repository of technical advertising information, creative and metrics.
The OASIS System searches market-specific databases of advertising information that provide for rich information, including high resolution scans, and very granular segmentation.

Benchmarking Standard:

Think print is dead? Think again. In fact, some of the most influential decision-makers in the laboratory science market are Gen-Xers (age 34-45), a marketing demographic often considered "online marketing unresponsive".

Meanwhile, print advertising is getting lean and mean and more innovative, proving to be a medium that electronic will never replace - especially in the B2B world. Although primary research articles are often consumed online now, "Print"  as an advertising medium is less-and-less monolithic and is more pwerful when strategically combined with other media channels. 

Whether or not your company is using print, watching print media offers the most analytical method to view the market, benchmark and analyze numerous aspects of marketing strategy.
 OASIS System Advantages:

  • Access a huge inventory of scholarly journals, technical news and trade publications
  • Available 24/7 online
  • Intuitive user interfaces
  • Powerful query functions & keyword searches
  • Search multiple data fields including company, product, and product application category
  • See hi-res creative
  • Accurate product and application categorization
  • Frequent and timely data uploads
  • Data exportable to Microsoft Excel 
  • Server infrastructure and web ties that deliver superfast and reliable data access
  • Nobody provides data more accurately and immediately
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