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Keyword marketing is a key component in most marketing strategies today. However, monitoring your brands, your marketing PR and the words you value most is an enormous, but necessary, challenge. Wouldn't it be wonderful if the search engines you depend on every day could do this for you? As you have probably found, they cannot. That's because these web-wide resources can't search specifically enough, fast enough, often enough and thoroughly enough to effectively monitor your marketing space and your keywords. They also return too many irrelevant results for busy marketing executives.

BrandScope™ Search provides targeted, deep, up-to-date search results for the brand names and keywords you value most on the websites your customers use most. Now you can almost contemporaneously monitor your brands, keywords, products, PR (both active and passive activity), and watch your competetive blind spots.

rss BrandScope RSS is a search tool that daily delivers fresh web content based on keywords you choose right to your desktop. Essentia currently aggregates content from approximately 60 websites just in the Life Science industry. There's no simple way for an individual to get this type of information from so many websites. BrandScope RSS is a powerful tool that is designed to help product mangers and other marketing executives who are responsible for monitoring competitors, marketing PR and the competitive landscape of their product line.

BrandScope Search users also get free access to The Editor's Docket, a system that will alert you when special research articles and relevant editorial features match your most valuable keywords - before they go to press. This system allows you to better target your media spends and serves both electronic and print media across your market.

Coming in Q1 '10!  BrandScope™ BUZZ™ monitors brand and keyword activity in the social media. We can track the frequency and sentiment of mentions of a product in the weeks leading up to and following an article to evaluate its impact.Contact us for more information.

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