How We Work

Our teams are capable of providing highly technical businesses and business units with tactical support and rapid access to high quality market intelligence. Our core capability is media surveillance, as well as MARCOM support through surveys, focus groups, interviews, and ad concept testing. ESSENTIA partners with clients to bring vision, guidance, and the supporting market intelligence to a variety of business activities for large and small companies. Here is a case study:
During a recent project for a division of a global chemicals company, ESSENTIA was charged with assembling advertising metrics and the creative for a defined set of competitors across almost 50 media channels. In addition to the competitors defined for us, we helped the client discover three emerging competitors (including a new technology), profile their marketing tactics and glean critical information about those competitors' technical, marketing and messaging strategies. Additional information we uncovered, enabled us to help the client refine their marketing, consider new marketing channels and define new ways to reach their markets effectively. Start-to-finish, our team completed this project in about two weeks.
All of ESSENTIA’s executive staff have marketing expertise, advanced degrees in the sciences, and business experience in disciplines as diverse as molecular biology, chemistry, electrical engineering, informatics, and others. This knowledge and industry experience gives us a keen understanding of the specialized requirements of our technical clients and their audiences,

ESSENTIA supports the work of communications, sales and marketing staff at many types of organizations. In all our marketing research activities, our goal is to provide actionable data, accuracy and a keen regard for the technical audience of the business.

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