The AGORA eTOOLS comprise a web surveillance system that monitors advertising online - including banner ads. Search by company, website, product name, or a special search term. Search the database for manually harvested full-text from banners. See ad creative, ad attributes, full text, visual context, and many other details about the ad, ad placement, and history. No other product can do what AGORA does. Try it and see. Call us for a tour or use the form at right.

Tracking online banner advertising

A typical MARCOM plan today usually consists of a mix of print and electronic tactics, with each channel offering its unique advantages - and unique challenges for measuring ROI. The most common question we receive concerns the balance between electronic and print tactics. Almost no tactic works alone, and no one has the budget desired. That leaves marketers to balance, benchmark, measure, and adjust.

Essentia is building the knowledge and infrastructure to meet clients' growing needs for meaningful competitive data about e-marketing trends for media and advertisers. Our pioneering electronic media tracking is performed with tools never before available and specially developed for technical marketing professionals by Essentia Communications. If you have need for more information about electronic media usage, come to Essentia for syndicated or custom data.

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