Media & Marketing Research Services for Health, Science, & Technology Companies Worldwide

  • Oversee your brands
  • Follow keyword trends
  • Surveil new campaigns
  • Watch your competitors
  • Know & control your PR
  • See new product launches
  • Track your business 360º
  • Stay connected to your market

  Monitor the most valuable assets your business has. Watch your brands, watch your marketing space and watch the media your competitors are using to influence your customers and future prospects. ESSENTIA systems and staff give you the ability to more effectively and efficiently monitor your brands and competitors 360º.

ESSENTIA's professional staff can also help you leverage this information. We help marketing firms, advertising agencies, media planners, and internal marketing teams become more efficient and more competetive in a complex, dynamic world.

Plan better. Message better. Compete better

ESSENTIA is like the agency's agency. See how you can benefit from our team's media and marketing research experience, media-planning know-how, and real-world marketing expertise in the markets we serve. Leverage our knowledge of technical media and emerging communications channels. Depend on our expertise and problem-solving abilities to deliver what you need. ESSENTIA's specialized systems and consultancy services are here to help you plan better, message better and compete better.


Systems and Data Overview

AdTrends™ Reports
Essentia Communications is publisher of the monthly, industry-specific AdTrends™ Reports, the most accessible, market-specific and comprehensive media activity digest available to science advertisers and their agencies. Like all of the information Essentia collects for published reports or custom studies, the AdTrends Reports data is scrupulously harvested and analyzed by scientists with relevant, real-world experience.

OASIS™ System
Online access to Essentia's science advertising megadatabase is available using our proprietary OASIS Advertising Intelligence tool, which permits immediate, self-serve access to a huge repository of scientific advertising information and metrics at your fingertips.
AGORA™ System
Online advertising is a complex, but vital component in most every media mix. Essentia's pioneering electronic media tracking tools collect information better than anything else available using tools never before available and specially developed here at Essentia Communications. Our trusted reputation in the industry helps our clients access more of the web than available with other services and methods. 

BrandScope™ Search
This system provides targeted, deep, up-to-date search results for the brand names and keywords you value most on the websites your customers use most. Now you can almost contemporaneously monitor your brands, keywords, products, PR, and watch your competitive blind spots. BrandScope Search users also get free access to The Editor's Docket, an opt-in system that will alert you when special research articles and relevant editorial features match your most valuable keywords - before they go to press. This system allows you to better target your media spends and serves both electronic and print media across your market.

By partnering with Essentia you are plugging into one of the most powerful technical advertising and marketing resources available.

Our Team

All of Essentia's executive staff possess advanced degrees in the sciences, extensive industry experience, and a keen understanding of the specialized requirements of our clients and their audiences. Leveraging this experience, we support the work of communications, sales, and marketing staff at our client companies and their agencies. Our goal in all research activities is to provide clients with actionable information, depth, accuracy and a high regard for the technical.

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